LXXX.—Homologues of butanetetracarboxylic acid and of adipic acid

Bevan Lean
1894 Journal of the Chemical Society Transactions  
WHES ethylene dibromide is treated with the monosodium derivative ot ethylic malonate, the chief product is ethjlic 1 : 1-trimethglenedicarboxglate (Perkin, Trans., 3 887,51, 1). + 2CHNa(COOEt), = YH2>C(COOEt), yH,Br CH,Br CHZ + CH,(COOEt), + 2NaBr; but, at the same time, an oil of high boiling-point is formed, which, however, constitutes only about 3 per cent. of the whole; this, on iiivestigation, was found to be ethylic butanetetracarboxylate, and its formation may be represented by the
more » ... esented by the eqGation- The fact that this substance is produced in such small quantities made its fnrther invest,igation a matter of very great difficulty; more recently, however, Professor W. H. Yerkin, jun., has found thRt the substitution of ethylenic chloride for the bromide greatly ir creases the yield of ethylic butsnetetracarboxylate. The method * Part of a thesis accepted for the degrec of Doctor
doi:10.1039/ct8946500995 fatcat:5p5rubyrhbdjrhgrjhlgbom7ce