1990 Diary of a Madman and Other Stories  
The introduction and translations are larded with names of Chinese people, places, and things. The pinyin system of spelling Chinese has been used throughout. Some Chinese words are easily pronounced, others are not. This note is primarily intended to help with the latter. Although not alphabetic, the arrangement of names possesses some modicum of logic. In the course of this note, I often mention the Yale system of romanization because, while it is not as accurate as pinyin, it is sometimes
more » ... ier for speakers of English to pronounce. Abbreviations MBA may be (roughly) approximated cw Chinese word EW English word RW rhymes with SL sounds like Any word in quotation marks following either RW or SL is assumed to be English. For example, mang RW gong means that the Chinese word "mang" rhymes with the English word "gong." Cai Yuanpei Let us begin with Cai Yuanpei. The ai in Cai
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