Architectural analysis ofBuxus vahliiBaill. (Buxaceae) in two different environments in Puerto Rico

César Castellanos, Duane A. Kolterman, Henricus Franciscus M. Vester
2011 Adansonia  
Th e analysis of the architecture of Buxus vahlii Baill. (Buxaceae) in western Puerto Rico is presented. Two populations growing in diff erent environmental conditions were studied: one is a coastal forest in the municipality of Rincón and the other is a mountain forest with karstic formations in the municipality of Isabela. Th e growth pattern in Buxus vahlii follows Champagnat's model. Four stages of development were identifi ed: seedling, juvenile tree, mature tree and senescent tree. Th e
more » ... escent tree. Th e stem and branches of the tree are sympodially built by the superposition of mixed orthotropic axes. Two diff erent crown shapes have been recorded in B. vahlii in Puerto Rico: in the Rincón forest, the shape is laminar, while in Isabela, it is in-between a funnel and cup shape.
doi:10.5252/a2011n1a3 fatcat:mmfnzhyejve3jiy2ino7og7usy