Analysis of Momentary Variations in the Quality of Water on Specific Criteria in Cole Mere

2021 2021.1.1  
Momentary changes in some criteria regarding the quality of water were examined by conducting field test and laboratory examination in Cole Mere during the summer months (June, July and August) of 2013. 10 locations were chosen (inside the lake) and each was sampled nearly one month away from the other. The average surface water temperature was documented in June, July and August samplings were 14.1 °C, 21.9 °C and 18.2 °C respectively. The variations in the average temperature were numerically
more » ... notable (p=<0.001). The average absorption levels of Cholorophyll a were 9.3 μgl⁻ ¹, 15.2 μgl⁻ ¹ and 39.8 μgl⁻ ¹for June, July and August respectively and there was a noticeable difference observed between the months at p=0.001. The detected momentary change and the rising levels of summer chlorophyll a absorption are exact evidence of eutrophic estate. However, no notable variations were observed regarding pH and declined oxygen between the months.
doi:10.52293/wes.1.1.812 fatcat:puxjvxq2bnh7fg33gfpt5nkarq