Plea bargain: Term, legal nature and use of the plea bargain as evidence
Sporazum o priznanju krivičnog dela - pojam, pravna priroda i korišćenje sporazuma o priznanju krivičnog dela kao dokaza

Minja Blažić-Pavićević
2020 Crimen  
Plea bargain is an institute that is used in most different criminal proceedings, and does not represent an issue in matter when a certain criminal event is being related to a single perpetrator of a criminal act. In situations where more perpetrators exist, or more criminal acts, verdict that has accepted the plea bargain can be frequently used as evidence, which cannot be tested. Having in mind that Code of criminal proceedings is regulating three kinds of bargains between public attorney and
more » ... offender, those being plea bargaining of criminal act, which goal is to rationalize the sole criminal procedure, as well as bargain on account of witnessing of offender or convict, whose goal is to efficiently carry out the procedure in relation to other offenders of criminal acts, question is raised on why is plea bargain used as evidence in criminal procedure. Using the plea bargain as evidence, without option of that evidence being tested, represents a violation of the right to defense, right to fair trial and presumption of innocence. Having in mind the fact that principle of material truth is not one of principles in criminal procedure, as well as the fact that option to sign the plea bargain is not limited with qualification of criminal act, nor prescribed punishment, as well as the matter of facing practical problems of using the plea bargain as a formed fact, that cannot be tested, questions is raised how can we solve the practical problem using theory. It's doubtless that public attorney is benefiting from the option of using plea bargain as established and inexcusable evidence, but the position of defense is in matter here, and its position to test the evidence that cannot be a subject of dispute. Having in mind that public attorney has on disposal other bargains as well, that can be signed with the offender, or convicted person in goal of efficiently implementing the proceedings in relation to other offenders of criminal acts, we realize that using the plea bargain should have for, its purpose, sole rationalization of criminal procedure. Alongside criminal procedures that are finalized, there are many criminal proceedings that are not finalized, where defense is helplessly fighting the use of plea bargain as evidence. Realizing the practical problem, it can be useful to take this issue in aspect from few angles, as well as suggesting the means on how to solve a problem in issue. In regard what was said earlier, in goal of respecting the principles of criminal procedure, changes of Code of criminal procedure were suggested, as well as easier solution regarding the lawful stand of Supreme Court of cassation that would answer this theoretical problem, would fulfill the void in law system, harmonize case law, as well as fully respect and use right to defense.
doi:10.5937/crimen2003346b fatcat:7yhkoj3albckzkaykhwrtwml7a