Moment Stability of the Critical Case of PWM Feedback Systems with Stochastic Perturbations

Zhong Zhang, Lixia Ye
2012 Abstract and Applied Analysis  
This paper further studies the moment stability of pulse-width-modulated (PWM) feedback system which is subjected to multiplicative and additive random disturbance modeled by the derivative of Wiener process. Different from the existing investigation, we focus on its critical case. The linear plant considered herein is assumed to be critically stable; that is, the plant has one and only one pole at the origin, and the rest of the poles are left half of complex plane. We establish several
more » ... y asymptotically stability criteria for such PWM feedback systems and then propose an algorithm to calculate the stability bound effectively. Furthermore, we present two numerical examples to show the effectiveness of the theoretical results.
doi:10.1155/2012/736408 fatcat:osofj3ubffeavazup7fwvqm2si