1892 Notes and Queries  
We must request correspondents desiring information on family matters of only private interest to affix their names and addresses to their queries, in order that the answers may be addressed to them direct. COUBIEK.-I shall be glad of quotations for this in the sense of travelling servant or valet before 1838. I presume that it has been used ever Bince Englishmen began to make the grand tour, and that it may be found in eighteenth century books relating thereto. Originally the courier seems to
more » ... e courier seems to have been simply a rider hired for the stage or for the day, to post in front of the traveller's carriage, engage a relay of horses at the next stage, and arrange for meals and accommodation at inns. When did he become a more permanent emphyt f J. A. H. MURRAY. Oxford. BETROTHAL CUSTOMS IN SCOTLAND.-I have come across some new facts about "Highland Mary's " Bible, and mean to publish them by-andby. Will any of your correspondents give me information as to ancient (and probably Celtic) betrothal customs that would throw light on the scene that took place between Burns and Mary Campbell, when they exchanged Bibles, one standing on one side of a brook and the other standing on the other side ? ERIC ROBERTSON.
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