New Methods for Solving the Minimum Weighted Latency Problem

Ziqi Wei
In this thesis, I study the methods to solve an NP-hard problem, minimum weighted latency problem (MWLP). The well-studied NP-hard problem minimum latency problem (MLP) can be seen as a special case of MLWP. I introduce the motivation of studying MWLP at the beginning. After describing the existing methods, I propose a Mixed Integer Programming algorithm for MWLP. As for the main body of this thesis, I study the heuristic algorithms for MWLP. I use five different classic heuristics to test the
more » ... istics to test the effectiveness of heuristic when solving MWLP. After that, two new meta-heuristics are proposed and tested. Both of them produce better results compared to the classic ones. At last, I describe two real-world applications for this problem. MWLP model is tested and proved effective for both applications. ii Preface Part of chapter 3 of this thesis has been published
doi:10.7939/r3qv3ck85 fatcat:bpcf2gswbffvvns45naqyull2e