Molybdenum - accumulation dynamics of cereals on calcareous chernozem soil

Zita Kata Burján, Anita Puskás-Preszner, Zoltán Győri, Béla Kovács
2012 Acta Agraria Debreceniensis  
This work is about the molybdenum-accumulation of cereals analyzing soil and plant samples from a field experiment set inNagyhörcsök by Kádár et al. in 1991.In this long-term field experiment different levels of soil contamination conditions are simulated. Soil and plant samples were collectedfrom the experiment station to study the behaviour of molybdenum.In this report results of maize, winter wheat, winter barley and soil analysis are presented. The conclusions are as follows:– Analysing
more » ... ows:– Analysing soil samples from 1991 we have found that roughly half of the molybdenum dose applied is in the form of NH4-acetate+EDTA soluble– Comparing element content of grain and leaf samples we have experienced that molybdenum accumulation is more considerable in the vegetative plant parts– Winter wheat accumulated less molybdenum then maize in its vegetative parts. Comparing molybdenum content of winter wheat to winter barley we found that the concentration of the element in wheat was lower by half than in the winter barley. It seemed that molybdenum accumulated to the least degree in winter wheat.
doi:10.34101/actaagrar/50/2570 fatcat:p5pvzgbzznd23djmldbz6al25q