Death in the Dental Chair

1900 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
thirty-two, in apparent gooil health, entered a dental olliee for the purpose of having a tooth extracted. I he operator injected the gum at two points on the palatal nielo and at, one point on the labial side; of the tooth, With " tliymene." He then extracted the tooth and for "ve minutes afterwards the patient conversed with him ; she then began to complain of a " queer feeling" in the head and Commenced to rub it vigorously ; a few minutes wer she hail ¡i sighing respiration which was soon
more » ... on which was soon followed >y convulsive movements of the arms, and in ten minutes after the extraction of the tooth she was in a state of coma. At this point two physicians who were near were called, •"'•I found the respiration had ceased, but that the heart's action was still good ; the pupils were contracted to a mere Point, but before death they relaxed irregularly. Artinoial respiration was established, atropine was injected "' »iitaneously, and other remedies were used, but the 'cart beat became weaker and weaker anel death ensued 1 about thirty minutes after the "thymene" was injected.
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