Micro-blog user community discovery using generalized SimRank edge weighting method

Jinshan Qi, Liang Xun, Xiaoping Zhou, Zhiyu Li, Yu Liu, Hengchao Cheng, Lidia Adriana Braunstein
2018 PLoS ONE  
Community discovery is one of the most popular issues in analyzing and understanding a network. Previous research suggests that the discovery can be enhanced by assigning weights to the edges of the network. This paper proposes a novel edge weighting method, which balances both local and global weighting based on the idea of shared neighbor ranging between users and the interpersonal significance of the social network community. We assume that users belonging to the same community have similar
more » ... elationship network structures. By controlling the measure of "neighborhood", this method can adequately adapt to real-world networks. Therefore, the famous similarity calculation method-SimRankcan be regarded as a special case of our method. According to the practical significance of social networks, we propose a new evaluation method that uses the communication rate to measure its divided demerit to better express users' interaction relations than the ordinary modularity Q. Furthermore, the fast Newman algorithm is extended to weighted networks. In addition, we use four real networks in the largest Chinese micro-blog website Sina. The results of experiments demonstrate that the proposed method easily meets the balancing requirements and is more robust to different kinds of networks. The experimental results also indicate that the proposed algorithm outperforms several conventional weighting methods. (2018) Micro-blog user community discovery using generalized SimRank edge weighting method. PLoS ONE 13(5): e0196447. https://doi. A novel edge weighting method which balances local and global weighting PLOS ONE | https://doi.
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0196447 pmid:29734358 pmcid:PMC5937763 fatcat:sy2ej66ehzfn5mzp7de3geg3na