An ethnographic Study on Baggers at Hyderabad city of Sindh-Pakistan

Kashif Ali, Sheeraz Ali
2020 Zenodo  
The worst issue which Pakistan is facing today is 'Street Begging'. The Nation is suffering from the crucial situations of Poverty which has forced hundreds of people to commit suicide, forced women to sell-out their Children and forced young's to leave their Homes and start begging. According to latest survey 74% of our people living under poverty line earning less than 4000/Rs per month which is very difficult for a person to live in so little amount, even one cannot imagine to survive. But a
more » ... e to survive. But a Street Beggar is earning more than a Person doing hard slog. Street begging disturbs Public life because usually this beggar on the Roads, Streets & Bazaar's chasing people for petite amount. To gain more attention and sympathizes they generally irritate public with their disgraceful mannerism. They emotionally black mail the genders by telling their gloomy stories & by showing their disabilities. Begging is supposed to be an easy source of earning Money. This is the reason that most of the physically fit young persons are usually seen begging on the Streets. This profession now has become an Industry (Mafia) where young men, Women & Children are mostly trained, recruit and relocated. These Beggars and specifically Children come from the Cities of Kohat, Rahim Yaar Khan, Multan, & Rawalpindi. According to a survey Beggar Children earn 200 or 250 rupees per day and handover entire money to the Mafia (Which works for this profession) and that Mafia keep a big chunk of earning and leave minimum amount with to these Children to take home. This Mafia is taking more benefits of the Street Begging.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4281616 fatcat:jkk4mw7penaevawee47dxlrecq