Structure and Mechanical Properties of AlSiCuMg Alloy after Thermo Processing

J. Piątkowski, P. Kamiński
2015 Archives of Foundry Engineering  
In the dissertation it has been shown, that so called "time-thermal treatment" (TTT) of the alloy in liquid state, as overheating the metal with around 250°C above the Tliq. and detaining it in this temperature for around 30 minutes, improves the mechanical properties (HB, Rm, R0,2). It was ascertained, that overheating the AlSi17Cu5Mg alloy aids the modification, resulting with microcrystalline structure. Uniform arrangement of the Si primeval crystals in the warp, and α(Al) solution type,
more » ... solution type, supersaturated with alloying elements present in the base content (Cu, Mg) assures not only increased durability in the ambient temperature, but also at elevated temperature (250°C), what is an advantage, especially due to the use in car industry.
doi:10.1515/afe-2015-0014 fatcat:5wibnl5ns5dkje65cbjuwgtgta