The Metamorphosis of Bourgeoisie Politics in a Modern Nigerian Capitalist State

Wilfred Terlumun Uji, Ahar Clement Uhembe
2015 AFRREV IJAH An International Journal of Arts and Humanities  
The Nigerian military class turned into Bourgeoisie class has credibility problems in the Nigerian state and politics. The paper interrogates their metamorphosis and masquerading character as ploy to delay the people-oriented revolution. The justconcluded PDP party primaries and secondary elections are evidence that demands a verdict. By way of qualitative analysis of relevant secondary sources, predicated on the Marxian political approach, the paper posits that the capitalist palliatives to
more » ... t palliatives to block the Nigerian people from freeing themselves from the shackles of poverty will soon be a thing of the past. It is our argument that this situation left unchecked would create problem for Nigeria's nascent democracy which is not allowed to go through normal party polity and electoral process. The argument of this paper is that the on-going recycling of the Nigerian military class into a bourgeois class as messiahs has a huge possibility for revolution. The paper recommends that a more holistic approach to governing the Nigerian state should be contemplated. This paper, though descriptive survey, highlighted some of the dangerous manoeuvres of People's Democratic Party (PDP) in the last 16 years, especially under President Jonathan who failed to take decisive steps where and when he needed to.
doi:10.4314/ijah.v4i3.5 fatcat:mdplgsovyzbdhj55rshxde7edm