A Preliminary Study on the New Generation Employees' Human Resource Management and Enterprise Sustained Competitive Advantage—From the Perspective of Resource-Based View

Jianwen Xiao
2018 American Journal of Industrial and Business Management  
Recently, more and more people born in the 1980s and 1990s have stepped out of the ivory tower and entered the workplace. This group becomes more and more important in today's workplace; they bring new energy to the society. However, due to the differences in their growing background, some of their characteristics are increasingly recognized by managers. Complaining, job-hopping, emphasizing ego and lack of sense of responsibility are marked on this young group, which have created obstacles for
more » ... eated obstacles for managers to carry out their works. Aiming at such a young group, the limitation of the traditional system management has already appeared. In this paper, by analyzing on characteristics of new generation employees, author proposes a new idea of human resource management for the new generation employees, which is from the perspective of resource based view, not only to help enterprises to obtain sustainable competitive advantage, but also to provide a new direction for the management of new generation employees. among enterprises has gradually turned into talent competition and talent-based management competition and technology competition. Therefore, human resources and their management are becoming more and more important in enterprise management. Nowadays, new generations of employees, such as the post-80s and post-90s, have begun to enter the workplace. These new generations of employees are different from the traditional employees because of their growth environment in the new era. On the one hand, they are full of personality, imagination and creativity. They are innovative avant-garde. Their ability to accept new thinking and new things is extremely high besides. On the contrary, they also have a low sense of organizational belonging, high turnover rate, and lack of teamwork awareness and so on. As the result, when a company is managing the new generation of employees, the traditional management system of the enterprise has obvious limitations. In the present, if a company can manage the new generation of employees scientifically and reasonably, it will inevitably greatly enhance its core competitiveness and become a winner among a lot of enterprises. Therefore, based on the characteristics of the new generation of employees and the shortcomings of the current traditional management system, this paper is innovatively proposing a new idea of the new generation of human resources management from the perspective of resource base; what's more, providing new directions for the management of a new generation of employees to help companies achieve sustainable competitive advantage.
doi:10.4236/ajibm.2018.812158 fatcat:lrs7e5kxxrdnjdbjzubxzmzyqq