Drift analysis and stabilization of a Fiber Bragg Grating interrogation device

Marvin Friedemann, Sebastian Voigt, Marie-Luise Werner, Raoul Hecker, Jan Mehner
2020 2020 International Conference on Applied Electronics (AE)   unpublished
This paper analyzes wavelength drifts of a Fiber Bragg Grating interrogation device due to variations in different environmental conditions. First, the thermal induced wavelength shifts of the Fiber Bragg Gratings were abstracted. Then, it was possible to investigate the correlations between wavelength drifts and A) temperature of the interrogation device, B) air pressure, and C) static inclination of the interrogation device. Out of these three factors, unsteady temperature of the
more » ... of the interrogation device proved to be the main reason for wavelength drift in our setup. Variations in air pressure were the second most important factor, whereas the static inclination of the interrogation device showed the least but still considerable effect on wavelength drifts. A temperature stabilization of the device housing temperature is introduced and a software-based offsetting of the air pressure is discussed.
doi:10.23919/ae49394.2020.9232883 fatcat:zjk722y64jdkjih4eyhlducnqm