Emerging sorption pairs for heat pump applications: an overview

Bidyut Baran Saha, Kutub Uddin, Animesh Pal, Kyaw Thu
2019 JMST Advances  
The research efforts to find an alternative system for the cooling/heating application have been intensified worldwide since the imposition of international restrictions on production and use of refrigerants accountable for ODP and GWP. Nowadays, the demand for the cooling/heating system is increased also due to safeguarding the adverse environmental effect which results in additional consumption of electrical energy and ecological problem. The use of adsorption system is considering as a
more » ... ing alternative for the last few decades. The low heat and mass transfer coefficient of the adsorbent material is the main bottleneck of the adsorption cooling/heating system and resulting in large size and low performance. To make the system commercially competitive with the conventional system, high-performance refrigerant/adsorbent pairs are required. In this review, the favorable achievement in adsorbent development in terms of porous properties and their interaction with natural refrigerants is focused. Current application of different working pairs and their future prospect with special reference to their utilization are studied. Future research direction of adsorption working pairs is also analyzed.
doi:10.1007/s42791-019-0010-4 fatcat:y6dcxsriizaorbq6gdpd3akcpi