Anastasiia Savytska
Nowadays demographic situation in Ukraine is characterized by negative natural population increase that leads to the human capital losses, what can adversely affect the economy. Demographic problems of Ukraine are very largely connected with negative external effects of economic activity, in particular industrial and radioactive environment pollution as a result of contaminant emission, accumulation of toxic waste and nuclear materials. Today the loading increases at the urban ecosystems and at
more » ... the main recipient of such influence-urban population. Also in Ukraine the threat of substantial quantity of emission entrance from the potential dangerous manufactures is retaining; it includes productions, which malfunction is accompanied by serious social-economic and ecological consequences, as a result of negative influence on the environment, individual and economic objects. The reduction of environment quality leads not only to the health hazard, but also to the increase of losses in economy and deceleration of the social-economic development of the state. Thus using the methods of estimation of the health capital losses, taking into consideration cost of not lived years, we have determined, that ecosocial damage (i.e. unjustified and premature losses of the population health capital as a result of environmental deterioration) in Ukraine during the year on average is 0,35-0,40% GDP (table1), and taking into account losses of the future period the rate of this damage can be 12,6% GDP. At the same time share of government expenses on the conservation of the environment is about 0,03% GDP. One of the main reasons of ecological-demographic trouble of the country is hastiness in strategy of technosphere development, especially using in economic activity the main efficacy criterion-economic, that proposes the development of cheaper, but often ecological dirty and dangerous technologies. Hence for Ukraine the problem of increasing or at least conservation health capital as important constituent of human capital has to become one of the most important. Because of this we observe the actualization of the problem to determine the ecological and social-demographic constituents as priority during the economic problems solution. Table 1. Ecosocial damage of population health damage Year Ecosocial damage During the year Including future losses at the GDP increasing at: 0 % 3% million grn. % GDP million grn. % GDP million grn. % GDP 2002 795, In the conditions of forming in Ukraine the new paradigm of social development of using, mainly, economic criterions of taking decisions efficacy becomes obviously insufficient. The using of the broad spectrum of ecological and social criterions of taking decisions efficacy is dictated both by difficult ecological-demographic atmosphere, and increasing difficulties in practice of technosphere prediction. Consequently, ecological factors should constitute the basis of further transformation of Ukrainian economy in compliance with principles of sustainable development. The central place in the conception of sustainable development is occupied by the problem of responsiveness of long-term ecological