Multisorted Tree Algebra

Erick Patrick Zobo
2014 Applied and Computational Mathematics  
This paper introduces basic concepts describing a hierarchical algebraic structure called multisorted tree algebra. This structure is constructed by placing multisorted algebra at the bottom of a hierarchy and placing at other intermediate nodes the aggregation of algebras placed at their immediate subordinate nodes. These constructions are different from the one of subalgebras, homomorphic images and product algebras used to characterize varieties in universal algebra theory. The resulting
more » ... . The resulting hierarchical algebraic structures cannot be easily classified in common universal algebra varieties. The aggregation method and the fundamental properties of the aggregated algebras have been presented with an illustrative example. Multisorted tree algebras spans multisorted algebra concepts and can be used as modelling framework for building hierarchical abstract data types for information processing in organizations.
doi:10.11648/j.acm.20140306.12 fatcat:hokoqyiw7bfytl4rk3vxlne7d4