The application of VARK learning styles in introductory level economics units

Sarah Wright, Anthony Stokes
Issues in Educational Research   unpublished
The issues of developing strategies and approaches to teaching introductory level economics courses at university have been long standing. With the development of economics learning standards in Australia, this is a time to consider teaching and learning approaches to engage students and develop skills in economics. This paper considers that to satisfactorily develop skills in economics it is important to recognise this difference in student preferences for learning styles and to apply a
more » ... of learning styles and opportunities for students to learn and develop skills. One method for measuring learning styles is VARK. This approach considers visual (V), aural (A), reading (R) and kinesthetic (K) preferences for learning. This method determines students preferred modes of intaking, processing and outputting information. The paper examines the application of this approach at Australian Catholic University and evaluates the success this pedagogy had at increasing student satisfaction and skills in introductory level economics.