Mobile Exhibition System

Sanford Columbus
INTRODuCTION PROBLEM STATEMENT RELATED WORk PROCESS AND METHODOLOgY MOBILE EXHIBITION SYSTEM CONCLuSION BIBLIOgRAPHY 8 10 14 28 48 80 102 104 ABSTRACT 6 T hrough the development and design of a Mobile Exhibition System (MES) in this thesis, I will demonstrate the benefits and possibilities of a flexible and mobile system within an exhibition environment. A flexible system will be able to adapt to a wide range of content, while at the same time, maintaining a synergy between its form and
more » ... ts form and function. By the reuse and reappropriation of shipping containers as the exhibition envelope, the goal of mobility can be achieved, reaching out to those who might not otherwise experience learning through an exhibition environment.w ABSTRACT 8
doi:10.25772/q3px-z195 fatcat:m25laapqjrcjfjqmohyfykatdy