Numerical investigation of a confined jet flow in a rectangular cavity

Nikola Jelić, Tomaž Kolšek, Jože Duhovnik
2007 International Journal of Multiphysics  
We present the results of investigation of a low-Reynolds number uncompressible fluid flow in a rectangular two-dimensional cavity. It has been shown that the behavior of the flow may be controlled by the cavity length and width. Depending on the ratio between the length and width of the chamber the flow is either steady or non-steady. It has been found that for small chamber lengths the flow is steady and geometrically symmetric. Increased chamber lengths lead to unsteady flows with
more » ... ows with oscillating and hardly predictable jet flow pattern. Further increase of the chamber length leads again to steady but asymmetric flow. These observations are useful for possible control of the jet behavior under various conditions. This research is relevant for both basic jet-flow investigations as well as for industrial purposes. The sensitivity of the solution to perturbation of simulation parameters is identified as an important issue to be attacked in future by both experimental and numerical means.
doi:10.1260/175095407781421603 fatcat:iyiuwzoukjam3pcajvw466pjce