Multidisciplinary design optimization of an accumulator for a large elasticity range of flexible webs

Dominique Knittel, Jean Renaud, David Kuhm
2010 International Journal for Simulation and Multidisciplinary Design Optimization  
This paper concerns the optimization of an accumulator used in an industrial elastic web processing plant (paper, fabric, polymer, metal ...). A nonlinear model of an industrial accumulator is first detailed which enables to deduce a linear model. These models are derived from the physical laws describing web tension and velocity dynamics in each web span. The effects of time-varying rheological and mechanical parameters, such as web Young modulus, web length and rolls inertia, on accumulator
more » ... namics and performances are analyzed. The second part presents several optimizations of industrial PI controllers using evolutionary algorithm for a realistic non-linear model, in conjunction with the controllers interpolation strategy. Finally, simulations made in the Matlab/Simulink software environment show performances improvements compared to hand tuned controllers.
doi:10.1051/ijsmdo/2010022 fatcat:izkectf4abdedf4iuru2qytpv4