I rom del Campo Panareo di Lecce tra marginalità socio-lavorativa e contingenza - The social and labor marginality of the Rom at the Panareo camp in Lecce

Antonio Ciniero
2013 DADA Rivista di Antropologia post-globale  
This text analyzes the social and working environment of a group of citizens of Roma origin. They settled in Lecce more than thirty years ago in Lecce and they resided for twenty years in a Roma camp located in the suburban area of the town. In this essay the causes, processes, modifications and, above all, the difficulties of access to socioeconomic resources of this group of citizens will be reconstructed through field notes and interviews. Although they have dwelled on the same territory for
more » ... same territory for more than two decades they still suffer from a strong socio-economic gap with respect to the local people.
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