On the Translation of Film Titles in Light of Religious Differences between China and West

2018 International Journal on Studies in English Language and Literature  
With the mutually cultural exchange of the China and Western countries, more and more English films are introduced to China, and so do the Chinese films to the western countries. Being an important part of a film, the film title plays a critical role in conveying a film's theme and attracting people. Most scholars attach their attention on the methods, cultural differences and principles upon film title translation, while seldom study the influence of religious differences on film title
more » ... film title translation. This paper will study the film title translation from the perspective of the religious differences. Firstly, the author talks about the relationship between religion and language. Then, this paper analyzes the religious differences of the China and the Western countries and points out the effects on film title translation. Thirdly, the author puts forward two resolutions including Eugene Nida's functional equivalence theory to film title translation to achieve aesthetic and commercial values. The author concludes that due to the existence of the religious differences, translators are supposed to have s good grip and profound knowledge of the religious differences between the China and the Western countries. Only in this way can translators balance the aesthetic and commercial values.
doi:10.20431/2347-3134.0604003 fatcat:4iyyrmax2zbkrb5vnjrhvegwwi