Wielbark Kultur im Dobriner Land 30 Jahre später. Aktueller Stand der Forschung und weitere Forschungsperspektiven

Artur Kurpiewski, Jadwiga Lewandowska
2016 Sprawozdania Archeologiczne  
Kurpiewski A. and Lewandowska J. 2016. Wielbark culture on the Dobrzyń Land 30 years later. Current state of research and further research perspectives. Sprawozdania Archeologiczne 68, 145-163. The state of research on the Wielbark culure in the area of the Dobrzyń Land leaves much to be desired. Exactly thirty years ago Krystyna Hahuła wrote her MA thesis titled Early Pre-Roman and Roman period in the Interfluve of Vistula, Drwęca and Skrwa rivers. A few years later the author's main findings
more » ... or's main findings were published in a small text called Wielbark Culture on the Dobrzyń Land. For almost three decades this work has served as a source of knowledge about settlements in the Roman period for this area. Research conducted since the beginning of the twenty-first century has shed some new light on the transformation of settlements of the region. This text does not claim to be comprehensive on the subject; it is merely an attempt to signal changes taking place in the Roman period in the Vistula, Drwęca and Skrwa interfluve in the context of the latest findings. Das Dobriner Land liegt am nordwestlichen Rand von Masovien, grenzt im Norden mit dem Kulmer Land und im Westen mit Kujavien. Der Stand der Forschung über Wielbark-Kultur in diesem Bereich lässt viel zu wünschen übrig. Genau vor dreißig Jahren, verteidigte Krystyna Hahuła am
doi:10.23858/sa68.2016.008 fatcat:yyn2hd2tdffhbmai3hd3fn7tuq