Eigenfunction Families and Solution Bounds for Multiplicatively Advanced Differential Equations

David W. Pravica, Njinasoa Randriampiry, Michael J. Spurr
2020 Axioms  
A family of Schwartz functions W ( t ) are interpreted as eigensolutions of MADEs in the sense that W ( δ ) ( t ) = E W ( q γ t ) where the eigenvalue E ∈ R is independent of the advancing parameter q > 1 . The parameters δ , γ ∈ N are characteristics of the MADE. Some issues, which are related to corresponding q-advanced PDEs, are also explored. In the limit that q → 1 + we show convergence of MADE eigenfunctions to solutions of ODEs, which involve only simple exponentials and trigonometric
more » ... nd trigonometric functions. The limit eigenfunctions ( q = 1 + ) are not Schwartz, thus convergence is only uniform in t ∈ R on compact sets. An asymptotic analysis is provided for MADEs which indicates how to extend solutions in a neighborhood of the origin t = 0 . Finally, an expanded table of Fourier transforms is provided that includes Schwartz solutions to MADEs.
doi:10.3390/axioms9030083 fatcat:ry3422wvhzafbiygwldvnl3yca