The Use of Dynamic Geometry Software from a Pedagogical Perspective: Current Status and Future Prospects

2019 Journal of Computer and Education Research  
Article Info Abstract This research firstly aims to reveal the pedagogical potentials and limitations of dynamic geometry software (DGS). For this purpose, research on Cabri (2D/3D/Plus), the Geometer's Sketchpad, GoogleSketchUp, GeoGebra and Logo software was reviewed and compiled. As a result of the research, it appears that DGS offers an effective pedagogical environment because of its ability to interact with digital materials and allow for geometric objects to be seen from all sides.
more » ... om all sides. However, we found that teachers have some problems in combining DGS with class pedagogy. In this study, the effects of gender, age, education level, skill in using technology and the influence of professional experience were also examined in relation to primary school mathematics teachers' preferences in using DGS. As a result of this research, it was found that GeoGebra and Cabri were the mostused DGS packages by primary school mathematics teachers, while other geometry software was less preferred by teachers.
doi:10.18009/jcer.579517 fatcat:5r5qgu42yjhkxkdakihimf2fca