Efficiency Analysis of Manufacturing Line with Industrial Robots and Human Operators

Piotr Barosz, Grzegorz Gołda, Adrian Kampa
2020 Applied Sciences  
The problem of production flow and evaluation of productivity in the manufacturing line is analysed. Machines can be operated by humans or by robots. Since breakdowns and human factors affect the destabilization of the production processes, robots are preferred. The main problem is a proper methodology—how can we determine the real difference in work efficiency between human and robot at the design stage? Therefore, an analysis of the productivity and reliability of the machining line operated
more » ... ning line operated by human operators or industrial robots is presented. Some design variants and simulation models in FlexSim have been developed, taking into consideration the availability and reliability of the machines, operators and robots. Traditional productivity metrics, such as the throughput and utilization rate, are not very helpful for identifying the underlying problems and opportunities for productivity improvement in a manufacturing system, therefore we apply the OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) metric to present how the availability and reliability parameters influence the performance of the workstation, in the short and long terms. The implementation results of a real robotic line from industry are presented with the use of the overall factory efficiency (OFE) metric. The analysis may help factories achieve the level of world class manufacturing.
doi:10.3390/app10082862 fatcat:vxqiww3zj5g4tfnhhuhmoasnl4