Osteoinduction test of anorthite by human mesenchymal stem cell culture

Jônatas Sousa, Beatriz Luci Fernandes, Carmem Lúcia Kuniyoshi Rebelatto, Fabiane Barchiki, Ana Paula Abud, Paulo Brofman, Simone de Oliveira, Dorly Buchi, Carlos Roberto Fernandes
2012 Materials Research  
In this work, adult stem cells of three volunteers were isolated, expanded and cultivated over samples of Anorthite in order to assess its osteoinductive capacity. Alkaline Phosphatase Analysis, ALP, was carried out at days 1, 7, 14 and 21, and the results showed similar behavior between the volunteers considering the initial value of each. For volunteer 1, between day 14 and 21, the decreasing of ALP was remarkable in the wells containing MSC only and MSC+BIO, from 59.9 to 26.3 U.L -1 and from
more » ... 6.3 U.L -1 and from 63.3 to 38.1 U.L -1 , respectively, suggesting that the biomaterial was able to induce osteoblast formations. This osteoinduction property could be evidenced by Citochemistry where MSCs did not produce crystals of Calcium Oxalate or Calcium Phosphate, osteoblast compounds, without being stimulated by a chemical inducer, lending to the conclusion that the differentiation of MSC into osteoblast when cultivated on Anorthite, occurred exclusively by its influence, strongly suggesting that it is osteoinductive.
doi:10.1590/s1516-14392012005000009 fatcat:s2wsdjlrvzephaypv2yjh5ikj4