Resource Control and Estimation Based Fair Allocation (EBFA) in Heterogeneous Active Networks

K Devi, C Thangaraj, K Mehata
2011 Informatica   unpublished
Active networks perform customized computation on the messages flowing through them. Individual packets carry executable code, or references to executable code. Active networks are changing considerably the scenery of computer networks and consequently, affect the way network management is conducted. In a heterogeneous networking environment, each node must understand the varying resource demands associated with specific network traffic. This paper describes and evaluates an approach to control
more » ... the CPU utilization of malicious packets and to estimate the CPU demand for good packets in a heterogeneous active network environment. We also describe a new approximation for estimation based fair allocation. The proposed algorithm called Estimation Based Fair Allocation Algorithm (EBFAA) avoids the ill-behaved flows to utilize more CPU time and achieves perfect fairness for all flows during allocation. Povzetek: Prispevek opisuje obravnavo zlonamernih paketov v aktivnih heterogenih mrežah.