Research status of volatile organic compounds treatment technology

DAI Xue-ping, WANG Yan, XIE Xiao-feng, SUN Jing
2020 Journal of Materials Engineering  
With the increasing emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the environmental problems become serious. The VOCs treatment technology is the research hot point of environmental protection. The research progress of decomposition, recycling and combination methods of VOCs treatment technology was reviewed. The traditional decomposition technology is the main method for the degradation of industrial VOCs due to its low cost, maturity, high yield, and efficiency. The emerging technology will
more » ... e a research hotspot for its high purification efficiency and no secondary pollution and low powder, especially novel decomposition technology. Finally, the combined technology can break through the limitation of a single technology and purify the multi-component VOCs in the end-of-line by synergistic effect.
doi:10.11868/j.issn.1001-4381.2019.000275 doaj:0547eb6f600243948fcdaa6a0a2a659b fatcat:d4o2umutqrdtzi2o7m6ke7nkba