Karahanlılar Döneminin Metinlerinde İtaat Kavramı

Hüsnü Çağdaş ARSLAN
2018 International Journal of Languages' Education and Teaching  
Karakhanids period, where Islam was accepted as an official religion for the first time in a Middle Asia Turkish state, is a new milestone in every respect. After Islam was accepted, with the changing of the environment of belief, the culture and language improved in different ways like we saw in Turks, determining the words formed the conceptual field of obedience on the vocabulary of Karakhanid Turkish texts named Yusuf Has Hacib's Kutadgu Bilig, Edip Ahmed Yukneki's Atebetu'l-Hakayık and
more » ... t Turkish Kor'an Translation (The copy of Rylands) written in 11th century and later, it has been our principal aim to determine the presence of this conceptual and to reveal the place of obedience in the mentality of this period. The formations were given initially about "concept", not identified completely yet, and the lexical field (conceptual field) theory situated in the theoretical base of our work. Later, the concept of obedience was explained briefly. Finally, all words determined in the texts and formed the conceptual field of obedience were categorized as tables including different meaning categories and gained some kind of conclusions regarding all information.
doi:10.18298/ijlet.3165 fatcat:vj6kukxstjc6nn2wvcfxlvceoi