Origin and Preservation Status of the ʹGongju Junghakdong Old Missionary Houseʹ, the Registered Cultural Property No. 233

Mancheol Suh, Sung Bae Kim
2018 Journal of Conservation Science  
The result of the study on the origin and preservation status of the 'Gongju Junghakdong old missionary house', the Registered Cultural Property No. 233, reveals that the building was approved on October 23, 1921, and missionary Alice H. Sharp was living in the building until her retirement from her missionary life of 39 years in Korea in 1939. In order to review internal and external preservation status of the building, condition of wood material, the composition of the window, the damage of
more » ... ow, the damage of the wall, and the leaning of the building were examined. In particular, in the case of window facilities, it is necessary to restore it to the original upper and lower sliding window. As a result of investigation of the preservation status of the external facilities, it is necessary to restore the original shape of the staircase and a deck of the building on south western side and the well. In addition, the results of the non-destructive diagnosis of the ground revealed that the building was built on uneven surface layer of 2-5 m thickness and the boundary between 12 | 보존과학회지 Vol.34, No.1, 2018 the surface layer and the upper part of the weathered rock is inclined following geomorphology. This phenomenon shows that when the water content of the ground increases in the rainy season, the bearing capacity of the ground is lowered, and there is a possibility of uneven subsidence. Especially, landslides may occur in case of heavy rain. Therefore, it is desirable to install a masonry facility at the southwest boundary of the site, and it is recommended to install a drainage facility to ensure rapid drainage.
doi:10.12654/jcs.2018.34.1.02 fatcat:zu4xiy5a3nbmvd4d2sgh7jnl7e