HOMs simulation and measurement results of IHEP02 cavity

Hong-Juan Zheng, Ji-Yuan Zhai, Tong-Xian Zhao, Jie Gao
2015 Chinese Physics C, High Energy Physics & Nuclear Physics  
In cavities, there exists not only the fundamental mode which is used to accelerate the beam but also higher order modes (HOMs). The higher order modes excited by beam can seriously affect beam quality, especially for the higher R/Q modes. This paper reports on measured results of higher order modes in the IHEP02 1.3GHz low-loss 9-cell superconducting cavity. Using different methods, Qe of the dangerous modes passbands have been got. The results are compared with TESLA cavity results. R/Q of
more » ... results. R/Q of the first three passbands have also been got by simulation and compared with the results of TESLA cavity.
doi:10.1088/1674-1137/39/11/117006 fatcat:l2dxrkjt2nh7lop56o2u3qit44