Prediction of Collapse Scope of Deep-Buried Tunnels Using Pressure Arch Theory

Yingchao Wang, Hongwen Jing, Qiang Zhang, Ning Luo, Xin Yin
2016 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
Tunnel collapse remains a serious problem in practice. Effective prediction methods on tunnel collapse are necessary for tunnel engineering. In this study, systematic study on the pressure arch was presented to predict tunnel collapse. Multiple factors under different conditions were considered. First, the pressure arch was described as a certain scope in comparison with the lowest pressure arch line. Then, a deep-buried circular tunnel was selected as the investigated object. Its collapse
more » ... . Its collapse scope was analyzed using the lowest pressure arch line. Meanwhile, the main influence from the ground stress field was considered. Different modes of ground stress fields were investigated in detail. The results indicate that the collapse scope varies with different ground stress fields. Determination on the collapse scope is strongly affected by the judgment standard of the pressure arch. Furthermore, a selected case was analyzed with the pressure arch. The area and the height of tunnel collapse were calculated with multiple factors, including ground stress field, judgment standard, and lateral pressure coefficient. Finally, selected results were compared with relevant previous researches, and reasonable results were obtained. The present results are helpful for further understanding of the tunnel collapse and could provide suitable guidance for tunnel projects.
doi:10.1155/2016/2628174 fatcat:ugpxmvoqevckxpaxjwhbshumbi