Evolution of Conformity Dynamics in Complex Social Networks

Yuhui Gong, Qian Yu
2019 Symmetry  
Conformity is a common phenomenon among people in social networks. In this paper, we focus on customers' conformity behaviors in a symmetry market where customers are located in a social network. We establish a conformity model and analyze it in ring network, random network, small-world network, and scale-free network. Our simulations shown that topology structure, network size, and initial market share have significant effects on the evolution of customers' conformity behaviors. The market
more » ... ors. The market will likely converge to a monopoly state in small-world networks but will form a duopoly market in scale networks. As the size of the network increases, there is a greater possibility of forming a dominant group of preferences in small-world network, and the market will converge to the monopoly of the product which has the initial selector in the market. Also, network density will become gradually significant in small-world networks.
doi:10.3390/sym11030299 fatcat:jzpmlckgcnef5j5mrdm6xxkfpq