A Felsõ-Tiszán kialakítandó EU-konform automata felszíni vízminõségi monitoring rendszer problematikája és lehetõségei

Gergely Kinga
2005 unpublished
Problems and capacities of an EU conform automated surface water quality monitoring system to be established on the Upper Tisza Although the issue of environmental pollution had come into the limelight during the 20th century, it seems that humanity is still unable to prevent the degradation of the environment. Characteristics of pollution incidents have changed parallel to technological development; transboundary pollution incidents have become more frequent than local ones. Due to its
more » ... geographical location Hungary is particularly vulnerable to transboundary pollution. This applies mainly to surface waters, 96 per cent of which raise abroad. Nevertheless, this natural characteristic means not only that the country, just like other downstream countries, is especially liable to surface water pollution. Also it results in great dependence on water management practice carried out in the upstream countries. The Tisza, second largest river in Hungary, deserves special attention in respect of water pollution incidents and their mitigation, for many reasons. The objective of the investigation that serves as a basis of the present article is to study the catchment area of the Upper Tisza, from its spring until the joining of the River Bodrog. The study examines the possibility of the development and implementation of a surface water quality monitoring system, part of which would consist of automated stations. For this reason , point and diffuse sources of pollution in the catchment area have been investigated and listed, together with the existing stations and instruments, providing therefore a complete assessment of the present state of surface water monitoring on the Upper Tisza. Bevezetõ Bár a környezetszennyezés problémaköre a 20. sz.-ban került fokozottan elõtérbe, úgy tûnik, hogy a környezet állapotával kapcsolatosan a 21. sz. sem kecsegtet sok jóval. A technológiai 1 MTA-ELTE Geofizikai és Környezetfizikai Kutatócsoport.