Impact of Foreign Bodies Poisoning In Daily Life and Role of Community Pharmacist in Prohibition of Poisoning

Durriya Hashmat, Erum Naz, Fatima Ahmed, Fatima Muzammil, Syeda Saghira Begum, Taiba Asim
2016 Research in Pharmacy and Health Sciences  
A foreign object is a substance or an entity that is found in human body but has no relation with body; it enters into the body through many routes. Poisoning is a condition that occurs through common substance when exposed to a person or living organism it damages their health and life and endanger for community. The majority of poisoning cases, especially in children, are associated with cleaning agents and pesticides. Cleaning agents are the substances (liquid, powder, granules) which are
more » ... nules) which are used for cleaning purpose and their main purpose is to kill germs and provide sterility. The ordinary cleaning agents include bleaches, detergents, solvents, kerosene and pesticides. Pesticides are the substances used for destroying, attracting the insects or micro-organisms which are harmful for humans and cultivated plants and crops. Objective: The objective of this study is to reduce the poisoning by foreign bodies (cleaning substances, pesticides) by guiding people that exposure to these objects can harm them. Methodology: A survey based questionnaire was circulated for about one month to check the awareness of people regarding the knowledge of handling the foreign bodies that include cleaning substances and pesticides for data collection, the students, children and household women were asked to fill the questionnaire according to their knowledge. Percentages were calculated to compile the results. Result: It was observed that there was lack of knowledge in children and in some cases household women were also a part of it. The major reason of poisoning in children is the careless behavior of household women while not keeping such things away from them.
doi:10.32463/rphs.2016.v02i01.05 fatcat:daayuumulbapldxdvxc4nb4jf4