A mudança da ordem dos constituintes adjetivo e substantivo na língua catalã: uma análise diacrônica

Bruno Fernandes Zenóbio De Lima
2004 Revista de Estudos da Linguagem  
In face of the quantitative analysis of sintagma nominal (SN) of the Catalan language, giving relevance to the relations between the constituents, adjective and substantive, and, through a corpus composed of texts dated from the 13th, 14th, 15th, and 20th centuries, I noted the change of word order of the constituents A (adjective) and N (substantive), to AN > NA. In other words, the old order, the anteposition of A to N, gives place to a more recent form, the posposition of A in relation to N.
more » ... A in relation to N. I verified that certain inherent semantic features act as determinative factors of the order of these constituents, the adjectives and substantives.
doi:10.17851/2237-2083.12.1.159-174 fatcat:l35whfnifng6hg547sotisvjxe