Model of safe social behavior of preschool children in an inclusive educational environment

O. A. Silaeva
2021 Вестник Мининского университета  
Introduction. The article is devoted to the analysis of the problem of psychological and social safety of children attending inclusive groups of preschool educational organizations. The risks of inclusive education are associated with the threat of various forms of mental violence from peers. A preschool educational organization is faced with the task of ensuring the psychological safety of educational subjects, including the formation of skills for safe social behavior and interaction in an
more » ... lusive environment.Materials and Methods. The following methods were used for the preparation of this article; theoretical analysis of Russian and international literature, study of scientific articles and publications on the topic, overview of results from Russian and international studies, content analysis.Results. Approaches to determining the content of the category of safe social behavior and its various aspects are considered: social norms, psychological stability, communication and communication, spiritual and moral qualities and moral norms, prosocial behavior, interpersonal relationships and interaction. The personal constructs of safe social behavior of preschool children in an inclusive educational environment are identified: need-motivational (setting social norms, trust in the world, social tolerance); emotional-volitional (ability to empathy, low anxiety, coping behavior); cognitive-cognitive (knowledge of the behavior of children with developmental disabilities; ability to choose constructive ways to solve problem situations); interpersonal-social (communication skills, desire for cooperation, kindness, help).Discussion and Conclusions. The conducted theoretical research allowed us to build a model that includes both the structure of safe social behavior of preschool children in an inclusive educational environment, and risk factors for socially dangerous behavior of preschoolers. It is concluded that it is necessary to implement psychological and pedagogical support for inclusive preschool education, which ensures the psychological safety of children with developmental disabilities by developing the skills of safe social interaction among peers with normative development, meeting their needs for personal and trusting communication, as well as gaining a sense of psychosocial well-being and reference significance.
doi:10.26795/2307-1281-2021-9-4-12 fatcat:jgwgo35jqvajbkicwrn5scvvcm