Music Cognition, Semiotics and the Experience of Time: Ontosemantical and Epistemological Claims

Mark Reybrouck
2004 Journal of New Music Research  
441] This paper is about musical epistemology. It stresses the role of how a listener can have a unified coherent experience over time. Central questions involve the conceptual construction of time, the role of non-objectivist as against objectivist cognition, and the role of cognitive mediation and imagery in music cognition. In order to discuss these claims a conceptual framework is introduced that does justice to the dynamic ongoing characteristics of the sonorous unfolding in time, leaning
more » ... n the theoretical work of Kant, Husserl, and Schuẗz. An attempt is finally made to provide a formal description of dealing with music that objectifies the temporal unfolding of sound under the guise of presentational immediacy and as a kind of synthetic activity of the mind, stressing both the sequential experience and the construction of relational continuity.
doi:10.1080/0929821052000343877 fatcat:6nyzblguzzde7b5ezilb4gmcue