A mechanism for the local corrosion of immersion nozzles

K. Mukai, J. M. Toguri, N. M. Stubina, J. Yoshitomi
1989 ISIJ International  
A mechanism for the local corrosion of immersion nozzles at the slag-metal interface was quantitatively substantiated by combining results from kinematic analysis of immersion tests with direct observations using a high temperature X-ray radiographic technique. For steels containing low carbon levels (e.g. , steel for continuous casting), the dissolution of oxides from the nozzle in~o the slag film is the rate controlling step of the local corrosion process For steels containing higher carbon
more » ... ing higher carbon levels (e.g., in the vicinity of carbon saturation), dissolution of graphite from the nozzle into the metal is rate controlling. It was found that it the nozzle: (i) has a high resistence to corrosion by liquid slags; and (ii) is easily wetted by the slag, then it will exhibit a good resistance to local corrosion at the slag-metal interface.
doi:10.2355/isijinternational.29.469 fatcat:vrz5sh7evrernj4nly674uw4nm