Use Of Dictionary In Elementary Education Oriented Scientific Publications

2009 Turkish Studies  
The main purpose of this descriptive study is to determine use of dictionary in elementary education oriented scientific publications. Research was conducted through survey model which aims at representing a situation in the past or currently exists. Data of the study were collected by documentary analysis out of qualitative research method. Obtained data were analyzed with frequencies and percentages in the scope of quantitative data. Universe of the study consisted of 298 articles published
more » ... rticles published in Elementary Education Online Journal (EEO). EEO is an electronic, peer reviewed scholarly journal which publishes elementary education oriented articles from all subject fields. Results of the data analysis of the study show that in only one article out of 298 scientific publications dictionary was used, and three dictionary oriented resources were took place in 6314 references. It is thought that results of the study are important in terms of giving information about use of dictionary in elementary education oriented scientific publications and identifying the existing situation.
doi:10.7827/turkishstudies.827 fatcat:fpldz4fam5ggbb7at7ccp4w73u