Final Report: Imaging of Buried Nanoscale Optically Active Materials [report]

Ian Appelbaum
2011 unpublished
Motivation: Semiconductor heterostructure-based light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and solid-state lasers have benefited enormously from recent developments in materials science and nanotechnology. However, methods to characterize the carrier transport through (and the light emission from) these devices on the nanoscale at which they were designed are limited by the fact that the carrier recombination occurs in layers buried deep below the semiconductor surface. Hence, processes occurring in these
more » ... curring in these layers are hidden from direct observation. The development and introduction of a successful technique to examine the carrier transport and photon emission in deeply buried optically-active layers will provide a means for materials science to unmask the detailed consequences of experimentally controllable growth parameters, such as quantum dot size statistics and orientation, and defect density and charge recombination pathways.
doi:10.2172/1067346 fatcat:s4rjj2r34nfx5neyrksscvl4fe