The review of European Community and European Union through the prism of common market

Mirza Totić
2019 International Review  
The paper deals the characteristics and significance of the common market, which was the main objective while forming the European Economic Community (EEC), and institute with no alternative for the functioning of its successorthe European Union (EU). The research approach to this institute of international rank is fundamentally critical. The main reason for that view is disagreement with the claims that in internal market there are all types of business relationships and various transactions
more » ... ious transactions among Member States, without restrictions, problems and discrimination. The purpose of the paper is to look at market activities and identify problems that are their inevitable followers, the evaluation and affirmation of success, and identification of deficiencies. The aim of the paper is to look for an answer to the question: whether a single (internal) market really obliges each Member State to move towards the defined objectives, same directions, and whether it succeeds in standardizing its internal market, in order to make it compatible with the objectives contained in the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community (EEC).
doi:10.5937/intrev1903051t fatcat:ncj4yqz2xvhzhiynxijkxgiasa