Investigating thermophysiological comfort properties of polyester knitted fabrics

Esra Taştan Özkan, Binnaz Meri Kaplangiray
2019 Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology  
Sport clothes are mainly produced from polyester yarn because of good wicking behaviour and moisture transfer properties of this yarn. In this paper, thermophysiological comfort properties of ring staple polyester, textured polyester and special type of polyester knitted fabrics, which is described as good moisture management property yarn by producer, were investigated. For this reason, thermal resistance, thermal absorptivity, thermal conductivity, air permeability and moisture managent
more » ... ties of fabrics were tested. The results showed that, textured polyester yarn knitted fabrics were showed the highest air permeability values than moisture management polyester in same yarn count and knit structure. Lower filament number fabrics shows higher thermal resistance values in same yarn count of fabrics. Moisture management polyester knitted fabric (Type 10) showed the highest top absorption and one way transport index value. Also moisture management polyester yarn knitted fabrics, except Type 7, were showed very good moisture management properties according to MMT grading scale. This is most probably cross-sectional shape of this fiber.
doi:10.15406/jteft.2019.05.00180 fatcat:dz5v7idhknfznd5nnxzg7wm7na