An active model-based prototype for predictive network management

S.F. Bush, S. Goel
2005 IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications  
If current trends continue, the next generation of enterprise networks is likely to become a more complex mixture of hardware, communication media, architectures, protocols, and standards. One approach toward reducing the management burden caused by growing complexity is to integrate management support into the inherent function of network operation. In this paper, management support is provided in the form of network components that, simultaneously with their network function, collaboratively
more » ... roject and adjust projections of future state based upon actual network state. It is well known that more accurate predictions over a longer time horizon enables better control decisions. This paper focuses upon improving prediction; the many potential uses of predictive capabilities for predictive network control will be addressed in future work. Index Terms-Atropos, network management, network prediction, simple network management protocol (SNMP).
doi:10.1109/jsac.2005.854108 fatcat:vjwuqfzy7zczfmakpmx76jtski