Meaning of Reality on Television -Focused on , of Guünter Anders-
텔레비전에서 실재가 가진 의미 귄터 안더스의 <팬텀과 매트릭스로서의 세계>를 중심으로

Shang-Ki Shin
2014 The Journal of the Korea Contents Association  
Images of TV that crossed the reality & the virtual reality have been discussed for a long time, Then, With what feature can TV make messages of the reality & the virtual reality maintain to achieve such a target, and in which situation will the feature be exposed? One who answered first about these questions is a German critic, Gunter Anders. Anders called the reality confused with the reality and the confused world of the virtual reality Phantom, and thought human beings would live in the
more » ... uld live in the reproduced world created by media machine in the long run as a world that the Phantom created would be gloomy and confusing. The media, themselves, become images, and an image creates another image. Through this process, human beings became unaware of which image the reality was indeed. As TV often created these situations, we have been already seduced into the deep Phantom world before discussing right or wrong of the situation. Of course, the media reality & the reality can't be strictly distinguished. Because the means that help to form judgement of viewers is the media. The subject of practical judgement is the media reality not human beings. ■ keyword :|Phantom|Matrix|TV|Reality|Virtual Reality|
doi:10.5392/jkca.2014.14.02.060 fatcat:zfovsvtsbbbpdhzkdzipu5tsy4