Codeposition of chromium and silicon onto iron-base alloys via pack cementation [report]

Mark Andrew Harper
1992 unpublished
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more » ... t can adversely affect reproduction. U niversity M icrofilm s In tern ational A Beil & H ow ell Inform ation C o m p a n y 3 0 0 N orth Z e e b R o a d . A nn Arbor. Ml 4 8 1 0 6 -1 3 4 6 U S A 3 1 3 /7 6 1 -4 7 0 0 8 0 0 /5 2 1 -0 6 0 0 Order N um ber 9238188 C od ep osition o f chrom ium and silicon o n to iron-base alloys via pack cem en tation Approved by Advisor Vlv Program in Metallurgical Engineering ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I wish to thank Professor Robert A. Rapp for his guidance, encouragement, and friendship throughout this study, and for giving me the opportunity to attend numerous technical conferences in my field. Financial support from the Department of Energy through Oak Ridge National Laboratory is gratefully acknowledged. I thank m y mother, God rest her soul, for inspiring me to seek knowledge for knowledge sake. I thank m y father for instilling in me the value of hard work. This quality, more than any other, is responsible for my success. I thank my brother, Will, who has always been there for me and giving me someone to look up to. I thank my sister, Juanita, who has always has an open ear for my concerns. I also thank the rest of m y extended family for the love, support, and encouragement throughout my life. Most importantly I thank and acknowledge my wife, Lucinda Gay Harper. I do not know of a greater, more loving, beautiful person on this earth. She has been with me through the good times and bad, and supported me through it all.
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